DAN EYE company profile


It is the company’s objective to provide our services continuously at national level.

Our parameters for success, therefore, are impartial and independent provision of our services, where integrity is our key word.
The company and our employees are independent of any commercial, financial or other pressures that can impair our impartial judgement.

Furthermore, the company and our personnel may not become involved in any activity that could conflict with our independence and integrity in relation to our inspection activities.

All interested parties have access to our services. We do not discriminate.

DAN EYE wishes to serve as the impartial party between buyer and seller.


We must be able to reasonably weigh goals and means against each other, and as such, respect and understand the level of ambition that our clients have.

We will not pay the client lip service but listen attentively and suggest solutions that can meet their needs, so financial, scheduling and any other requirements are respected.

We will continuously provide services that we can be proud of and which exceed any expectations the client may have had. We aim for a positive delivery – every time!

It is in our interest to create longer-lasting collaborative relationships with all our clients.
Therefore, we must keep both feet firmly planted on the ground, at the same time that we engage ourselves in relation to each client and its solutions.

As partner, DAN EYE should be known as a professional and impartial company that keeps its word and delivers on time.

We want to be known as a serious, loyal, competent, responsible and attractive business partner; in the same way, these parameters should also result in our reputation as an exciting and attractive workplace for our employees.

Our work is based on a set of values, where service, flexibility, professional pride and high morale are key concepts.

Concepts that must not be compromised, regardless of project size.

In principle, DAN EYE has no competitors, only potential business partners.

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